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Over the years laminate flooring has become refined and reinvented. The laminate materials on the market now can last for a longer time, with a more appealing variety of styles to choose from. 

Floor boys offers a variety of styles and lines that will suit your needs and budget. Our brands also offer industry-leading durability, comfort, and spill resistance.

Laminate Flooring
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Ensuring your laminate floor looks brand new for a longer period of time is a great way to add more value to your home. Here’s some quick tips you can follow to keep your flooring 100%.

Flooring Pads

Having heavy furniture right against the laminate flooring is a one way ticket to scratches. So how do you prevent this? You can purchase felt padding for underneath the feet of your couches, tables, and chairs to ensure that if they slide they won’t hurt your new flooring.

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